1. Spring for key cylinder
  2. Spring for door lock
  3. Door hinge stopper
  4. Spring for AT gear shift gauge
  5. Spring for seat belt buckle
  6. Spring for car audio CD changer
  7. Room temperature regulation sensor
  8. Spring for steering assembly switch
  9. Spring for EGR valve
  10. Radiator cap spring
  11. Engine hood opener spring
  12. Spring for fuel pump

Purpose of use

Home electronics

Digital cameras, printers for home use, fax machines, telephones, mobile phones, smart phones, televisions, refrigerators, wash machines, vacuums, wrist watches, electric toothbrushes, audio devices, battery cases, hard disks

Household equipment

Window sash locks, water valves, lighting devices, air fans, circuit breakers


Key cylinders, car audio(CD/DVD changer), door locks, fuel pumps, handle assembly switches, air bags, seatbelts, room temperature regulation sensors,

Hobby and toy

Miniature cars, radio controls, fishing gears, TV games



Office device

Compound copy machines, ballpoint pens

Compression Spring

Extensively used in digital cameras, mobile phone hinges, and switches, these are springs to resist applied compression forces. Based on G (modules of rigidity) of various materials, helical compression springs are springs to generate compressive load (compression). We support customers with Free Designing Assist to meet their need and materialize unequal pitch and size (barrel-shape, hourglass-shape, tapered-shape) depending on the application in order to provide best feeling and spacious performance.

Extension spring

Used in digital cameras and office equipment, these are springs with hooks on the both sides to exert a pulling force. Based on G (modulus of rigidity ) of various materials, helical extension springs are to generate a pulling force (tension). We support customers with Free Designing Assist to meet their need and materialize various shapes of hooks and coils depending on the applications.

Torsion spring

Used in sensors, opening and closing of door and cameras, these are springs to apply a torsional moment. Based on E (modulus of direct elasticity) of various materials, helical torsion springs are to generate a torque (moment) from coils. We support customers with Free Designing Assist to meet their need. This has full possibilities to materialize various shapes using highly polished NC procession technique for the applications.

Special spring (Wire forms)

Used in mini switches, these are springs to apply torsional load and perform a conductive system. We achieved smooth generation of torque by torsion coil spring by gradual displacement of load. This spring provides stable functions by stable precious metal plating. We offer 10 million of the complex shaped torsion coil springs per month by our special production system with high-speed as one of our feature.